Terms & Conditions

1.    Introduction

This document contains the requisite information representing the terms of engagement with the airdrop-network.com website henceforth referred to as just ‘Website’. The use of the following words “we”, “our”, “us” are indicators to entities representing the Website. The use of “you”, “your” throughout this document refers to those who engage with the content of our website at airdrop-network.com.

Please carefully read the terms and conditions presented in this document before you access or use any part of our Website. The terms and conditions set in this document govern how the contents, products, and services on our Website are to be used. This document applies to all who visit our Website and is an important aspect of our services. Your engagement with or use of any part of our Website means you agree to comply with the set terms and conditions presented in the document. This document alongside our Privacy Statement and our Cookie Policy form the legal framework for how users are to engage with the contents of our Website.

2 General Notes

2.1 These Terms and Conditions are legally binding on you should you continue to access our website and its content or services. If you do not agree to the set terms and conditions here, you should stop using or accessing any part, content or services of our website.

2.2 You should ensure that you have read and clearly understand the terms and conditions before engaging with the contents, services, and products of our website.

2.3 Your continuous usage of our Website is an indication to your acceptance and agreement to comply and to the terms and conditions as specified in this document.

2.4 Your further engagement with us proves that you understand and acknowledge that airdrop-network.com is a cryptocurrency service provider and offers free services to its community.

2.5 You acknowledge and accept that the tokens being distributed by our Website or affiliates through the assistance provided by our network will be distributed in line with our set standards of operations. These tokens distribution exercises are our absolute prerogative and are subject to our discretion.

2.6 You acknowledge to the fact that you have no rights whatsoever to token entitlements. The token distribution will be achieved without any form of warranties, guarantees or specific rights to claim.

3 Terms and Condition Applicability

3.1 these terms and conditions apply to your interaction with our website related to such things as the products, services, and contents on our website. Moreover, the terms and conditions also cover areas of information sharing by the website or on the user’s end through our website.

3.2 Our terms and condition policies are accessible at any given period. You can always review revised editions to keep acquaintance with the conditions of services being offered by our website. More so, we make offline copies available to ease portable handling of the terms and conditions.

4 No advice in whatever form

4.1 Our terms and condition policy which is found on our website is in no way a form of advice to our users and is only an informational document and should be treated as such. To buttress this point further, we are NOT soliciting for investment and this is by no means an attempt to provide investment or tax advice through the services rendered on our website as you engage with its content. All informational content including this terms and condition document should be treated as informational tools from our website.

4.2 Your further engagement with us infers that you acknowledge our prerogative to change the information contained on our website as we deem necessary without prior notice.

5 Acceptable Service Use

5.1 No form of unlawful and illegal use of our website is permitted and your use of our website indicates that you understand our position on this matter. Furthermore, any use outside the stated terms and conditions in the document can be considered a breach of the usage agreement. For this reason, we explicitly STATE that all use and access to our website should be within the confines of the terms and conditions as described by this document.


5.2 Our public and economic image is of importance to us and therefore, your continuous usage and interaction with any part or content of our website should not by any means incur any damage to the reputation of our website. Furthermore, any user activity noted to have an impact to disable or malign the reputation of the website or affect other users experience in a negative way would be considered unlawful usage and breach of service agreement.

6 Website Accessibility

6.1 You attest and agree to the working conditions of our website as provided by us and/or our content partners and is in no way an avenue to access warranties of any kind as fit by law and expressed in this service agreement.

6.2 You agree to the statement of the fact that we do not provide any form of warranty for our website to be online or accessible always, with fully functional features and error-free user experience or uninterrupted content delivery from our servers to your client device. More so, we provide no warranties to the susceptibility to virus attacks or malicious proxy attacks. Our duties are to employ due diligence to provide security and optimal service to the best of our capacity to our users.

6.3 You attest to the understanding that we will by no means provide a form of warranty regarding any temporal data loss or unavailability as you access or send information while using our website.

6.4 It is our prerogative to moderate your use or access to any feature, part, or content of our website to the heights of discontinuing, restricting or limiting access as we deem fit.

6.5 It is our exclusive right to discontinue your subscription on our membership list without your prior consent.

6.6 You attest to the fact that you are either 18 years of age or above before continual usage of our services, or accessing the contents of our website.

6.6 You declare that you are not a citizen of USA

7 Intellectual property rights

7.1 All the informational files to include text, graphics, videos and any other informational material on our website are our property, except for information sent to us by you through email or through the filling of forms on our website. We further iterate that all the informational materials on our website constitute our intellectual property and serve us the right to use as we please, and your use of them is limited to the terms and conditions hereby stated.

7.2 Access license to our website and use any of its features is granted to you on the grounds of this terms and conditions, and such access while granting to you is limited to your use as a personal access right and is not transferable to third parties and has no special or exclusive rights whatsoever attached to it. You are therefore required to oblige to these terms as binding to prevent you from using this access license as a malicious instrument towards the healthy operation of our website and its service operations; as such things include deforming information on our website or publish without our consent and alter the contents to suit your own personal gains.

7.3 You are obliged to comply with the terms pertaining to the use of the content of our website and should in no way and at any point in time use the contents on our website for any other purpose other than that which is intended for without the express documented permission from authorized personnel of the airdrop-network.com group.

7.4 You attest to the acceptance of all the proprietary contents on our website are not to be used for any form of marketing gains and should not be sold.

8 Trademarks

8.1 We own all brand identity represented on our website, such as the logo, branding theme, trademarks and service marks including the prerogative to use them as we deem fit as it appears on the website or on any affiliated entity.

8.2 As stated in section (8.1) above, we reiterate that have exclusive rights to maintain ownership, control, and usage of our brand identity both now and in the future adjustments that might be made with regards to the operation of our website and the improvements of the contents and services thereof.

8.3 In the process of engaging with our services and under the conditions on which our website operate, third parties will supply us with the trademarked materials to include the logo, service statements, and other trademark identities. We notify all users of our website and third-party systems that the conditions of these properties, such as their trademark conditions and their intellectual property rights are maintained even while in our custody as we have express permission to use in accordance to these service agreements.

9 Liability

9.1 As applicable by law, we shall not be liable for the consequential damage or loss of any kind arising from the use or inability to use the contents of our website or its related, affiliated or associated underperformance of web servers or web host. However, this does not apply if the damages arise from the inactivity, negligence or express fault of the airdrop-network.com personnel.

9.2 As applicable to the highest pursuant of the law, we will not be liable to any form of damage or any level of loss arising from or in any way associated with electronic communication errors further expressed in the failure in establishing communication or delay in relaying communication from servers to the user’s electronic device or an interruption of service by third party or program entities interfering with service demand to include misdirection of traffic, altering of data transfer between website server and user’s electronic device, or due to malfunctioning from the user’s electronic device due to corrupt data processing systems or errors in connectivity.

9.3 Where our express attendance to the liability clause as stated in section 9.1 and 9.2 are inapplicable, we shall not be liable for any damage in the excess of EUR 100 total. This limitation becomes inapplicable in the event where personnel of the website is solely responsible for the actions leading to the loss or damage as an express breach of service agreements.

10 Force majeure

10.1 In the event where service agreements are breached due to occurrences beyond the control of the website team or management personnel, which results in the interruption or misrepresentation of information on the website and is beyond our express control, will exempt us from all liable action that might have be directed to us under to confines of law. Such occurrences include natural disasters, regulatory policies arising from government restrictiveness, accidents, malfunctioning of software programs or the limits of utilities and computer wares or other social events which may have a direct impact on the service agreements and the website consequentially.

11 Indemnification

11.1 under the confines of applicable law, users have the reserved right to indemnify and hold us accountable against liabilities, claims, costs or reasonable legal expenses incurred in the condition where the terms and conditions set before you have been breached by us, which infers on the inability to use our website and its resources, or in the situation where there is an infringement of third party rights or in direct violation of legislation and regulations.

12 Changes to the terms and conditions

12.1 It is our exclusive right to make modifications to the terms and conditions herein specified as required for the optimal operation of our website. We will exercise this right whenever and however we feel it necessary without prior notice. The latest version will be made available at our website and notification of amendments will be communicated via email and usually communication channel.

12.2 As long as continue to use our website, we infer that you accept the changes and modifications that have been made at any time to the terms and conditions of the service agreement between you and us. It is, therefore, our strong opinion that you revise from time to time these terms and conditions to ensure that you are kept up to date on the operational activities as it pertains to our service agreement.

13 Privacy

13.1 Your privacy is also our utmost concern and providing you with services that ensure that we make it a priority is important to us. In accordance to the set laws and regulations governing personal data protection and as applicable to the internet industry, we will ensure that all due processes and procedures are well observed to the end that your personal data is protected. More so we will ensure to the best of our abilities that your personal data is used for the purposes intended and as agreed upon in the privacy statement agreement. However, due to the changing scape of security wares and malicious internet wares, we would like to point out that we cannot fully guarantee the transmission of data over the internet or via our website at any point in time.

13.2 Our privacy statement document has more information regarding the protection and use of your personal data. We strongly advise you to go through it and get acquainted with the terms and conditional use of your personal data.

14 Complaints and Queries

14.1 Should there be questions or queries concerning our services, the conditions of our services on our website you can contact our support center at support@airdrop-network.com. We will to the best of our abilities promptly respond to inquiries and manage your situation to the maximum possible resolution.

14.2 To the effect of section (14.1) above, we strongly recommend that you make your complaint as explicit as possible to provide us with the required data needed to process your request within the necessary amount of time and avoid undue delay.

15 Third party links

15.1 In relation to the services provided on our website, it is important to state at this point that third party links of any kind including those of social media contacts such as Website, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram or any other links related to third parties are not within our control. These links are only provided for your convenience and ensure sufficient data resource linked to the third party. We are not responsible nor liable for any loss, damage or misappropriation arising from the usage of these third-party links or their performance as it relates outside the confines of our own website.

15.2 No warranties are provided neither are they expressed to the extent of the limits of applicable laws, as it pertains to the liabilities incurred in the event of the use of these third party links present on our website. This non-warrant clause also covers third-party claims of merchantability, and or service operability.