Privacy statement

1 Introduction

This privacy statement (‘Privacy Statement’, ‘Document’) explains how www.airdrop-network.com or its controllers (hereinafter referred to as “website”, “we”, “us”, “our”), collects, uses, processes and discloses user’s personal data. It also describes the steps taken to ensure maximum (to the best of our abilities) security of personal data information at our website. Personal data includes all information related to the identity of our users. Our operational personnel are responsible for the coordination and the control of the collection and processing of these personal data according to the stipulated data protection laws. We, therefore, decide which personal data are collected, what collection process will be employed and how the data are processed accordingly. We also determine what the processed data are used for in compliance with data privacy laws.

We, therefore, declare that the personal data while in our custody are to be protected by us to the best of our abilities and ensure that we abide by the stipulated data protection laws to ensure this security.

2 The purpose of processing your personal data

The intent for the collection and processing of your personal data through our website is for us to provide you with the best of services at any time as long as you try to access our website or our services. The information collected and processed enables us to provide you with timely information about cryptocurrency airdrops and their associated services. in order to fulfill this obligation, we collect your personal data to enhance marketing activities via e-mail services and other communication channels. Your personal data enables us to send you newsletters which inform you about these airdrops hosted by our website once they are available. This information is in no way in the promotion of the third party products or service, nor is it financial or investment advice. The newsletters are purely for informational purposes only. We may further use your personal data to process informational relay about bounty campaigns for Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) by e-mail. A bounty is a reward mechanism employed by ICO projects, to encourage the promotional activities of community supporters during the sale of their tokenized asset. This reward can be in the form of a coin or a utility token. We may also use your personal data to communicate related service updates and additional operational offers, events or articles we think might be of interest to you.

We may further use your personal data to inform you of other related activities, such as fundraising and status updates of airdrops and Initial Coin Offerings.

We may decide to use your personal data to improve user experience on our website to enhance the features and usability.

3 The legal ground for processing your personal data

We are obligated by law to abide by the data protection laws to collect and process your data within the confines of the stipulated agreement and in accordance with the data protection guidelines and legal grounds. These legal grounds include the consent of users before collection, processing and appropriate distribution and usage of the personal data accordingly with the intent as described in the second section of this document. Note, it is your prerogative to withdraw at any time your consent for such use as the collection, processing, and distribution of your personal data in line with the objectives of section 2 of this document. However, if you do withdraw your consent, note that it will not affect the circumstantial conditions of the processing of your personal data before your consent was withdrawn and may affect your overall experience while using our web services.

Be advised, if you do not consent to the collection, processing, and use of your personal data as outlined in the second section of this document, refrain from accessing or use of our website and its resources.

Each correspondence via e-mail provides you with the opportunity to unsubscribe from our newsletters from support@airdrop-network.com.

4 The personal data we may collect and process

For the purpose of collection and handling of your personal data to effectively provide you with the best of our services at www.airdrop-network.com and enhance user experience, we may be obliged to collect the following information from you: Email address, Name, IP address, Phone number, Wallet address (whether an ERC20 wallet or any other compliant wallet specification is required, in which case it/they may be considered as personal data in compliance with the data protection laws), Social media and KYC information.

The data we collect from you is stored only for the justifiable duration of time required for the collection and processing while the services are being provided. The purpose for which this personal data is requested and processed is detailed in section 2 of this document. Moreover, your personal data stored on our servers are only needed for the purpose detailed in section 2 and in compliance with personal data protection laws.

Once you join any airdrop campaign at www.airdrop-network.com including other hosted Initial Coin Offering promotional offers, you will be automatically signed up for their respective newsletters. Note, the data submitted through the forms on our website will be shared only with the respective airdrop campaign project doing the Initial Coin Offering.

We may also be obliged to share this data with third parties.

5 Your rights with regard to your personal data

With regards to the dale protection law applicable to your personal data, the following highlights some of the basic rights you have as a user of our website. These rights are exclusive to the personal data we collect from you and have in no way any expression outside the stipulate data protection laws.

1.    It is your exclusive right to access your personal data per request;

2.    You have the right to object to/allow/disallow the processing of your personal data at any point in time;

3.    It is your prerogative to withdraw consent for the processing of your personal data at any point in time;

4.    You have the right to rectify any error contained in your personal data collected or the complete erasure thereof;

5.    You have the exclusive right to restrict the usage of your processed personal data in some cases;

6.    You have the right to report to the Data Protection Authority in the case of any undue or illegal use of your personal data outside that stipulated in this document or contained in the service agreement;

7.    Your data portability is your exclusive right and should be exercised at will.


Data portability, in this case, is the event where you request for your personal data collected, unprocessed/processed format and is transferable to a third party controller of your choice. The definition of "controller" is set forth in applicable data protection law. We will not interfere with your right to use such privileges to transfer to a third party controller, and where possible, we could do the transfer on your behalf per request.

If at any point in time you need to exercise this right, we recommend that you notify us via email at support@airdrop-network.com.

6 Is the provision of your personal data obligatory or optional?

As highlighted in paragraph (1) of section (4) of this document, it is highly efficient on our part to do due diligence in the collection of your related personal data as it pertains to our services on our website, and also in compliance with the request of each airdrop bounty campaign operational on our website. We would, however, make a request for your email address as the most needed item on your personal data. This will enable us to notify you of airdrop campaigns ongoing and status updates, without which you cannot access our services. You are therefore not mandated to provide us with the information containing your name or other basic information before visiting our website, however, upon visiting our website, you may be required to submit some information before you can use the services on our website.

If you are not willing to provide any part of your personal data, we recommend you do not visit nor use any part of our website.

7 The recipients of your personal data

We are the primary processors of your personal data and hence your data are stored, and managed by us. However, because the functions of the services are not complete without the hosted platforms and campaign, some of these data might be shared on your behalf to ensure the full distribution of rewards. More so, we may be obligated by law to disclose aspects or all of your personal data to legal authorities in the case of a court order, subpoena, law enforcement agency and in compliance with data protection regulations.

8 Identity

We at www.airdrop-network.com are the collectors and processors of your personal data. Our contact information follows:

Website: www.airdrop-network.com

Mail: support@airdrop-network.com

Natural person: A.Sacchi

9 Security measures

We are also aware of the strict measure enacted towards the protection of personal data by Data Protection Laws and Regulations and are obliged to provide full measure security to the protection of the personal data stored and processed on our server. We use Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure to ensure that a secure communication is established between our website and our users, which gives us the advantage of disallowing third-party entities, systems or programs from interrupting or accessing communication between users and the website. However, we further reiterate that the level of security provided in the transmission of personal data over the internet cannot be 100% guaranteed. We cannot fully guarantee that transference of such personal data to our website is completely secure.

10 Questions

If you have queries, enquiries, and questions concerning this Privacy Statement, you can reach us by mail at support@airdrop-network.com.

11 Opt-Out choice

If after going through this Privacy Statement, you do not wish to continue with our newsletter services and want to be removed from our mailing list, you can unsubscribe here (link)

12 Updates and changes of the privacy statement

It is important to note that it is our prerogative to update or change the data privacy clause as contained in this document as we deem it necessary. However, we are obligated to inform you of the latest version should such a change be effected. A post will be notified by e-mail or by notification on our website. We recommend that you consult www.airdrop-network.com from time to time to stay updated with updates and changes that might be made with this Privacy Statement.