• What is an airdrop ?

An airdrop is a token distribution organized by a blockchain project. It is totally free.

Generally, you just need to complete few tasks such as retweet something or to follow them on social medias. You will be able to sell the tokens few weeks or months after the distribution. Some airdrops are very valuable. For instance, you could have sold HYDRO tokens for 2000$ after the airdrop.

  • What do I need to participate in airdrops ?

Generally, you need a Twitter account, a Telegram account and an email. Moreover, you need an ETH wallet to receive the tokens. You can create a wallet by clicking here. (When you will create a wallet, you will have a private key.  NEVER give it to anyone.)

You could also need :

- Facebook account

- Medium account

- Youtube account

- Reddit account

  • Why are airdrops free ?

The reason is marketing.


When you participate in an airdrop, you help the ICO to have a better visibility. To reward you, the ICO gives you some free tokens.

Moreover, it creates a big community for the project.

  • How can I sell my tokens after an airdrop ?


You will receive the tokens in your wallet few weeks or months after the airdrop. Then, you need to find an exchange that allows trading your tokens.


Finally, you just need to send the token on the exchange to sell it.

  • How can I contact you ?

Please go to Contact (mettre le lien de Contact)